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Upcoming Events

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, events, markets, & experiences to our spiritual community at our Old Town Spring location.


August 30th 2023 @ 7:00 PM Event At Elm & Magnolia In Old Town Spring

Gastronomy- Astronomy- Vino-ology A Culinary Adventure & Lunar Celebration


Join us August 30th Starting at 7 P.M.


Delicious Food, Wine, Full Moon Lunar Celebration, Local Vendors, Healing Practitioners & So Much More! 


Immerse yourself in night of gastronomic delights by Executive Chef Joe Macri and a lunar celebration at Elm&Magnolia In Old Town Spring, Tx.


Our exquisite menu, crafted with utmost care and creativity, will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. 


As you savor each delectable dish, engage in captivating discussions with fellow food enthusiasts and moon lovers. 


Share your stories, exchange ideas, and build long-lasting connections based on mutual interests and passions. 


Experience the magic of the moonlit ambiance, where every bite and conversation takes you on a journey of discovery. 


On Stage Healing Practitioners Lineup will Include.. 


( Stephanie Harris

American Indian Healing Sharmanic Drummer. Come and experience her powerful healing energy!)


( Elder Owl Creations  Stephanie with Angelically Activated

Healing Sound Bath Meditation. A deeply-immersive, full-body healing experience.)


( Barry Grueter  American Indian Healing Flute reduces anxiety, leads to relaxation, puts us in resonance with nature.)


(Guest speaker 

Laura with Eagle Eye Astrology )


All practitioners will be on outdoor stage.


Make sure to bring a yoga mat or a lawn chair whichever is comfortable for you! 


Step into a world where good food and great company converge, forming unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 


Join Executive Chef Joe Macri and let the power of culinary art leave you inspired and enlightened!


Click below to purchase your tickets you won't want to miss out on this event!



September 8th 2023 @ 7:00 pm Event At Chakra Shop In Old Town Spring By Donation

Healing Flute & Sound Meditation. By Barry, G.


Join us for an evening of Healing Flute & Sound Meditation. By Barry, G.


You won't want to miss out on this Magical, Healing Sound Meditation Journey.


Event starts at 7:00 p.m. get there early space is limited.


Grab your yoga mat and join us.


This event is by donation.


Flute music has some really amazing benefits and it is a perfect background music for meditation as well. 


Meditation is an amazing technique that everyone should incorporate into their lives. 


It helps in reducing stress and anxiety, gives you a clearer mind, and helps you stay more focused. 


Not just this, but it also helps you feel more connected, increases your attention span, improves the functioning of your brain and helps you get a good night sleep. 


By regular practice of meditation, you can see the visible change in your life and lifestyle. 


A lot of people play music while doing meditation, especially flute. 


Not only the people, but even the meditation centres play flute music during their sessions. 


It has been proved that flute music enhances the experience of meditation.


There are many benefits of flute music for meditation. 


Benefits Of Flute Music & Healing Sounds For Meditation 


1. Deeper more intense meditation:


Listening to music of flute while meditation helps absolutely calm your mind, helping you to go into deeper meditation, and thus reaping more benefits from it. 


Since the notes of this kind of music are  soothing and relaxing to the mind, it helps concentrate better. 


And obviously, if you meditate regularly you know that the better you concentrate during the meditation, the more you reap benefits.


2. You will be less anxious:


Music of flute has a soothing and calming effect on your body. 


If you listen to it while meditating, it will enhance your experience. Your stress levels will be greatly reduced, you will think clearer and you will be much less anxious.


3. You will sleep better at night:


Combined with meditation, flute music will reduce your anxiety levels, as mentioned above, and you will be much more relaxed, and so you will invariably sleep better at night.


4. It reduces pain:


Listening to the flute while meditating is a great yet simple solution to reduce joint pains and headaches. Studies show that individuals who meditate while listening to flute music are less susceptible to pain then those who don’t.


5. You study better:


Since meditating while listening to music of flute reduces pain, helps combat stress, and aids in better sleep, it obviously makes your mind clearer and helps you to think better. This in turn helps you study better and retain more of what you read. It is therefore a great way to enhance your cognitive skills.


So if you practice meditation but haven’t done it with flute music then it’s time to try some flute music because it really does enhance the overall experience. Music is therapeutic and flute music has miraculous effects on one’s mind. It doubles the benefits of meditation when played alongside practicing meditation.


If You are new to meditation this is the one to try!



The Amazing Barry G


>Click Barry G To Contact On FACEBOOK<


Native American Flute Player Musician

Who provides infused instruments & soundscapes to create soothing mystical melodies and rhythms for all to enjoy. 


Available for:

Wellness Retreats 

Yoga sessions

Sound Healing


Art Markets & Outdoor Venues 

Weddings & Private Events 

Lessons and Tutoring


September 22nd @ 7:00 PM Event At Chakra Shop In Old Town Spring By Donation

Fall Equinox Shamanic Healing Drum Journey By Stephanie, Harris.

Come join us for Fall Equinox Sharmatic Journey. 


An evening of Healing Sharmanic Drum Meditation by the amazing Spiritual Healer & Practitioner Stephanie Harris Come and experience her powerful healing energy! An honor your Ancestors for the Fall Equinox


Friday September the 22nd from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. show up early.


Best time to show up would be 6:30 to 6:45 to get the best seat space fills up fast


Cleanse and heal yourself of old energy that no longer serves a purpose! And honor your Ancestors!


You won't want to miss out on this event The suggested donation is $5 and up! 


Make sure to bring a yoga mat or a lawn chair whichever is more comfortable for you! 


Space is limited first come first serve get there early!


Date: Fri, September the 22nd, 7:00 PM


Location: Chakra Shop


Benefits from experiencing a Shamanic drumming healing are listed below.


Reduces stress.


Expels negative stagnant energy from the mind body and spirit.


Improve your concentration.


It encourages the body to desire a healthier lifestyle.


Makes you feel happier.


Opens up acceptance of self.


Slows the aging process.


It is beneficial to your cardiovascular health.


Boosts your overall immune system.


Induces a deeper self-awareness by prompting synchronous brain activity and promoting alpha waves.


Helps to release negative feelings and emotional trauma.


Anahera Duo Flute Chakra Healing Meditation.

September 29th @ 7:00 Event At Chakra Shop In Old Town Spring By Donation

Friday September 29th @ 7:00 bring a yoga mat and get there early Space is limited!


By Donation Event.


The music of the Native American flute calms the mind and relaxes the body. 


While listening to the flute our heart rate drops. 


The flute naturally opens us and helps us to synchronize with the energy within and around us. 


The flute has its own way to gently touch our spirit. It can help with emotions, memories, healing and every day stress.


The flute comes in different keys and in a meditative session the flutist will choose the key that resonates with each Chakra. 


By incorporating meditation and the healing sounds of flute.  It can heal, balance & release blocked energies and create harmony in these areas to nurture physical and emotional well-being.  


"This is a wonderful way to take care of our mind, body and spirit,”


The songs played are improv and in tune with the group's energy at the moment.


Christina Noordover is Dutch and has lived in Texas since 2007. 


She is a certified health rhythms drum circle facilitator and was part of the Drum Voices health drumming group for 5 years.


Christina is also a horse trainer and gives lessons to people in how to connect with horses in a respectful way and be open for the healing horses can teach. 


She has been writing articles for two horse magazines for more than 15 years.


Christina found the Native American flute at a pow wow and was surprised in how easy it was in creating songs. 


She kept playing for herself until she met Sandy who helped her to be confident.


Sandy Czerwinski has been playing flutes for 58 years.  


She was classically trained, starting at the age of 12, on the silver flute.  


In 1993, she formed a classical flute quartet ensemble (Flutations).  It was in 2003 that Sandy was introduced to the Native American Style flute.  


She was walking through Old Town Spring in Spring, Tx when she heard this beautiful haunting music off in the distance. 


She followed the sound until she found a Native American gentleman sitting on the porch of one of the shops playing this beautiful instrument.  She fell in love with the sound.  


That year her husband gifted her a Native American flute made by Raymond Red Feather.  


In the Fall of 2004 Sandy decided to start a teaching circle,“Spring Cypress Flute Circle”, based in Spring, Tx. 


So join us for the Amazing Anahera Duo.


You will not want to miss out on this  Chakra Healing Meditation.

Sandy Czerwinski

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Christina Noordover

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