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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

When you’re in the right place in the universe, everything comes together.


Chakra Shop brings the best products to help restore energy, discover mindfulness, build community, and nourish the spirit.


Offering a variety of minerals, geodes & Jewelry plus Crystals for Reiki & Other Healing & Balancing uses.


Candle, Incense, Oils, Herbs, Resins and More!

Now you can purchase spiritual tools and gifts from our online shop!


Please bear with us as we continue to add new products to our online store.


Chakra Shop is not your traditional gift shop, it's a center of spiritual and emotional healing.


Our long term goal is to assist you with the tools to be your best self.


We Are a Metaphysical / New Age Shop dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth.


We offer Psychic, Tarot, Medium, Chakra & Aura Readings, Chakra Healing, Distant Energy Healing, Spiritual Cord-Cutting, Chakra Balancing, Protection, Grounding. 


​Pet Psychic Readings, Pet Chakra Balancing.

Must Book Appointment! For Any Reading, We Offer In Person, Readings.


We Also Offer Phone, Or Video Call Readings.

Never Tested 
on Animals

Chakra Shop, Is dedicated to carrying high quality, unique items.


  List of Services:


  • Chakra Balancing

  • Medium Readings

  • Tarot Readings

  •  Psychic Readings

  • Pet Psychic Readings / Balancing


Our services are not timed and there are NO pay by the minute fees that you have to worry about. What we do is give you  a service that is as long as it needs to be.


Please allow for about an hour or more for your reading or any other service.

Our product selection is quite extensive and you are sure to find something to meet your discerning tastes!


Keep in mind, We have much more in stock.

Our friendly, Staff are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We promise you won't find such unique items anywhere else, for such an affordable price.


We promise you won't find such unique items anywhere else, for such an affordable price.

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