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White Sage & Dragons Blood Smudge Stick - 4-5" Long, Each


Dragons Blood and Sage is a powerful tool for cleansing any negative energies out of the home, car, office, body, or wherever needed. It is made of mountain sage that helps with removing negativity, healing, purification, healing, wisdom, improving mental ability, wishing, and dealing with loss and grief. With the added benefits of Dragon's Blood that will help increase protection, purification, and banishing negative energy; with the added benefits of energy, magical potency, banishing bad habits, bringing good luck, and stir passion. When using this smudge stick you will be able to enjoy the Dragon's Blood natural woody and spicy floral scent. It is the perfect addition to any altar measuring at 3 to 4 inches long.

Each smudge stick is approximately 4-5" long.

Unpackaged, Each

White Sage & Dragons Blood Smudge Stick.

SKU: 0002
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