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Oils are the foundation of candle magic, mojo working, and personal ritual anointing. 


Use them to "fix" candles, apply to the affected area of the body, to magic tools, etc. you can put them in a bath. All our oils are all made according to the best day of the week and phase of the moon.  No cheating or fudging! If I blow it and forget to make Money oil on the Thursday before the Full Moon, well we are just going to be out of stock til the next favorable lunar and planetary production day. 


All of our true essential oils are blended into a base blend of Fractionated Coconut or Jojoba, Almond and Vitamin E oil for a long-lasting product.


Amazing for Aromatherapy! We design all of our oils to incorporate the necessary properties to help you & your need. Fabulous Blends.

Therapeutic Essential Oils 0.5 oz glass bottle.

  • Return and Refund policy. No Refunds, Returns Or Exchanges. On Any Products Sold.

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