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Flax Seed is widely thought to be a powerful Guardian for Children and to provide Increased Psychic Abilities to Adults. FLAX SEED has been used by old-time conjures and root doctors as a Health-Protector for Children and to Ward Off Evil in the Home and bring Better Luck in Family Matters.


People tell us that they like to place the seeds in a white flannel bag with a whole Angelica Root anointed with Oil and keep the bag near the Baby for Protection.


Other workers tell us that dressing FLAX SEED with Psychic Vision Oil and burning the mixture on charcoal will Enhance Mental Power and bring about Prophetic Psychic Visions in Dreams or Meditations.


We do not make any representations for whole FLAX SEED, and sell as a Curio only.

Flax Seed 1 oz Bag

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