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Balancing our Chakras can be a difficult task but what about Healing and Protecting them?

Healing the Chakras that have been damaged and unbalanced through our Spiritual Life Journey.
- Protecting those Chakras from anything and or anyone who’s negative energy wishes to block & offset the balance.


Use the Drop Down Menu to choose your Specific Chakra Jar and Necklace Strap.


• Your Choice of: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye Or Crown 

- 925 Sterling Silver Plated Necklace Chain
- Brown Wax Necklace Cord



- These miniature glass jars contain various dried herbs and genuine gemstones.

- I set the intention during the creation of each and every jar.

- The herb mixture calls in the energies of healing and protection for the specific Chakra, the stones magnify these energies.

- Each mini jar is decorated with crystals, wire, charms and sealed for lasting protection.


- Each pendant jar will slightly differ from the next.

- No two are the exact same as they are all handmade.



- Remember these are GLASS! Please Handle with Care.

- Keep away from water

(Remove necklace during bathing, swimming and sleeping)

7 Chakras Charm Necklace - Healing & Balancing & Protecting

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