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Our incense sticks are made with high quality charcoal and triple dipped by hand in our oils.


We dip and soak our incense sticks for a full day, then allow them to dry overnight. We repeat this process THREE TIMES.


This allows our incense to deliver the purest, cleanest burn, and the most crystal clear fragrances on the market.


Each of our proprietary scents have been carefully crafted over the years to provide a distinct, pleasant experience.


Whether you prefer classics like Patchouli or Nag Champa or you like a more modern clean scent, you’re sure to find the right incense that speaks to your mind, body and soul. 


Long burning 11″ sticks, burn 50 to 70 minutes per stick. 

Want to mix and match? Tell us below what scents you want. Or we will choose 12 sticks two of each of what we have listed, 

24 Pack Hand Dipped In Essential Oils Incense Sticks

  • Return and Refund policy. No Refunds, Returns Or Exchanges. On Any Products Sold.

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